10 Easy Winter Hairstyles for 2021

What Makes a Good Winter Hairstyle?

Winter can be rough on your strands, making it hard to get the perfect look. The season’s cold temperatures and winds can suck the moisture out of your hair leaving it dry, limp, and prone to breakage. Add any leftover damage from the summer, and your hair is likely in need of a hair rehab by winter. So why not use the season to nourish it back into its healthiest state?

Use hydrating hair products like our line of curly hair products, including shampoos, conditioners, mousses, and curl-building serums that resist humidity, prevent frizz, and give elasticity back to curls. Davines' dry hair products include restorative creams, shampoos, conditioners, and masks to bring your hair back to life. Davines also has highly-effective products for damaged hair that work to correct damage and restore your hair back to optimal health. In addition to using moisturizing hair products, here are some easy winter hairstyles that will help you battle static frizz and split ends.

10 easy winter hair styles

These hairstyles and winter hair trends for 2021 are all easy to master and party-approved. 

1. Braids

Braided hairstyles are the perfect hair look to protect curly strands from cold and winds that lead to breakage. 

Here’s an easy fishtail braid tutorial:

  1. Grab the section of hair you want to braid and split it in half, holding one section in each hand. 
  2. Grab a tiny subsection of hair from the outside of the hair in your right hand, cross it over the top, and join it with the section in your left hand. 
  3. Then, cross a small sliver of hair from the left section and add it to the right side. 
  4. Continue grabbing tiny sections of hair, crossing them over, and joining them to the other half until you've reached the bottom of your strands and are secure.
  5. Finish with a touch of hairspray and a firm holding gel.


2. Twisted Updo

A twisted updo is the perfect winter hairstyle for any occasion and will give you the perfect look for any time of day. Part your hair down the middle and gather the rest of your strands into a low bun. Clasp it with a hair clip and use bobby pins where needed to prevent strays and fly-aways from popping out. Keep your twisted updo in place with a brushable hairspray.

3. Half-Up Bun

A half-up bun is the perfect winter hairstyle for every hair texture and length. And the messier you keep this hairstyle, the better it tends to look — how easy is that?! Gather the hair above your ears into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Twist your ponytail around itself and then coil it toward the base until you’ve made a bun. Use bobby pins to secure it to your head and finish with a few spritzes of a strong hairspray.


4. Natural Air-Dried Curls

The best time to play up your hair’s natural texture is in the winter when there’s no humidity. So if you've ever wanted to rock your natural curls but weren’t sure how to start, this tutorial is for you. 

  1. Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, use a light conditioner, and detangle with your fingers.
  2. While your hair is still soaking wet, apply a medium hold gel by rubbing the product between your palms, cupping your curls, and squeezing up towards your scalp. 
  3. Repeat this process with a microfiber towel to take out any excess water.
  4. Lift your curls and slide metal clips in along your scalp; pull your hair up before clamping them closed. This encourages volume, and it also helps the hair dry a bit faster.


5. High-Pony

An ultra-high ponytail is so classic and simple, but totally right for any winter festivity on your calendar. Just tightly gather your hair at the top of your head and secure it with a hair tie. Use hairspray to keep your pony in place.

Our favorite brush for a high-pony - Davines Your Hair Assistant Shine and Definition Master Brush.

6. Retro Curls

Retro curls are a simple, but glam winter hairstyle perfect for any seasonal bash. And these curls couldn’t be easier to recreate! Rub a curl cream through towel-dried or damp hair and twist gently into a bun. Secure it loosely with bobby pins and sleep on it. When you wake up in the morning, shake your hair out and finish with hairspray.

7. Wolf Cut

One of the easiest ways to change up your hair look for winter is with a haircut. And this winter is all about the shag. Choppy layers create shape and volume, while also adding major texture and body. The perfect answer to winter’s flattening effects on your strands.

Add instant, long-lasting volume, and workable texture to your Wolf Cut with Davines More Inside This is a Texturizing Dust.

8. Low Messy-Bun

A low messy bun is an insanely easy, yet incredibly chic winter hairstyle. Use protective hair ties and bobby pins rather than elastics to avoid breakage. You can even rock this look while deep conditioning or using a hair mask for the ultimate winter 'do. Add a pretty hair clip to up the ante on this hairstyle.

9. Top Knot

Could there be an easier winter hairstyle to master than a topknot? The key to nailing the top-knot is texture, so if you have straight or fine hair, start with some dry shampoo. Spray it into your roots and rub it into your scalp with your fingers. Lift your hair into a high ponytail. Leave a few intentional pieces out and wrap the ends of your hair around the ponytail, securing with bobby pins.


10. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are incredibly wearable for winter. You can move the fringe forward to frame your face and emphasize your cheekbones or tuck it back behind your ears to open up your features. They work well with any updo or down 'do and are so easy to style. First, part your hair down the middle. Then blow-dry your bangs away from your face, wrapped around a round brush. Twist the brush through your bangs all the way at the end so it feathers out.

photos courtesy of Davines North America