Cleansing: Where healthy hair begins.

Why cleansing is an important step in every haircare routine. 
Washing Hair
We hear it all the time, “I haven’t washed my hair in days” or “I don’t need to wash my hair more than two days a week” … The number of days one goes without washing their hair has become a point of satisfaction these days.
While we know over-washing can be harsh on your hair and can strip your strands of their natural moisture, experts say that depending on your hair texture - there can actually be such a thing as going too long without cleansing. Without a regular cleanse, hair can become lackluster, smelly, and worse.
We realize there is no true one-size-fits-all approach to haircare, but how often you wash your hair, and with what - can significantly change the overall health of your hair. 
Here’s what you should know:

Healthy hair starts at the roots

You know what happens when you don’t wash your face, right? The same goes for your scalp. Dead skin, hair products, and oils on the scalp need to be removed from time to time; otherwise, they can block follicles and lead to inflammation. Since skin cells turn over approximately every 28 days, the build-up of dead skin scales can grow more noticeable if you don’t wash your scalp.

Cleansing is basic hygiene

Oil is the biggest culprit behind what we consider “dirty” hair. It can leave hair limp, clumpy, and feeling oily. How much oil (sebum) you produce depends on your age, genetics, sex, and environment. Sebum is constantly secreted out of the scalp, and it will build up without washing. This sebum can act as a food source for microfauna whose action can lead to dandruff and, in extreme cases, cause hair loss. In addition, product build-up residue from conditioning and styling ingredients will also transpire without washing, which collectively can dull the hair and weigh it down. A good cleaning with a good shampoo will prevent all of these issues.

The foundation of good hair is good products

Every bomb hairstyle starts with cleansing. Using the right shampoo for your hair type resets the hair and gives you a good foundation for any style. If you have thin hair, it is more than likely easily coated with sebum, which means it looks greasy much faster. It probably needs to be washed more frequently than wavy or curly hair.
Biotop Professionals clarifying shampoo is the ideal treatment shampoo for oily scalp – containing Epilobium Fleischer and azelaic acid, the treatment reduces the size of the hair follicle to slow the rate of buildup which can weigh hair down. The hair remains soft, moisturized, and voluminous.
If you need a shampoo for thick, coarse hair - you should look for one that hydrates and coats the cuticle to retain moisture. This will help keep hair from becoming dry and dull. Alterna Professionals Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo helps to restore and rebalance moisture to hair for noticeably softer, smoother, shinier hair that feels transformed after one use.