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Vegan haircare by Alterna Professionals
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    These flexible, high-performance formulas are 100% vegan with all bottles and tubes made of 50% post-consumer recycled plastic with twist-open and close pumps to minimize plastic waste.

    my hair. my canvas.

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    real reviews:


    This volumizing mist is incredible! I was surprised how much volume a little mist gave me. Another plus is that it smells good and it's a vegan product. Will keep using this and I definitely recommend it.

    Soaring High Volumizing Mist

    I’ve always hated the powdery feel of dry shampoos. No matter what I do, it shows up as white powdery on my dark hair and takes forever to absorb. This cleansing cream feels nothing like a powder, but absorbs oil like one. It’s not quite freshly washed hair, but it gets pretty close!


    This jelly booster has a lovely light floral scent and mixed in easily to my conditioner. It worked well to seal the ends of my curls and give them a more clustered, ribbon-like effect and completely nixed my frizz. I couldn't be more impressed with how soft and healthy my hair looks after adding this into my routine...

    Jelly Fix

    This conditioner has a beautiful botanical scent which I love . A little goes a long way. This has my scalp clean, itch free and dandruff free. My hair looks and smells so good. This works so well with the shampoo and conditioner. I highly recommend trying this.

    Ann Marie
    New Beginnings