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    Verb: sea texture cream Styling Verb
    Verb: sea texture cream
    Verb: sea spray Styling Verb
    Verb: sea spray
    Verb: sea shampoo Shampoo Verb
    Verb: sea shampoo
    Verb: sea conditioner Conditioner Verb
    Verb: sea conditioner
    Verb: volume texture powder Styling Verb
    Verb: volume texture powder
    Verb: volume spray Styling Verb
    Verb: volume spray
    Verb: volume shampoo Shampoo Verb
    Verb: volume shampoo
    Verb: volume dry texture spray Styling Verb
    Verb: volume dry texture spray
    Verb: volume conditioner Conditioner Verb
    Verb: volume conditioner
    Verb: strong hairspray Styling Verb
    Verb: strong hairspray
    Verb: sculpting clay Styling Verb
    Verb: sculpting clay
    Verb: reset sealing mist Styling Verb
    Verb: reset sealing mist
    Verb: reset repairing mask Mask Verb
    Verb: reset repairing mask
    Verb: reset clarifying shampoo Shampoo Verb
    Verb: reset clarifying shampoo
    Verb: moringa + jojoba treatment oil Verb
    Verb: moringa + jojoba treatment oil
    Verb: purple mask Mask Verb
    Verb: purple mask
    Verb: leave-in mist Styling Verb
    Verb: leave-in mist
    Sold Out
    Verb: hydrating shampoo Shampoo Verb
    Verb: hydrating shampoo
    Verb: hydrating mask Mask Verb
    Verb: hydrating mask
    Verb: hydrating conditioner Conditioner Verb
    Verb: hydrating conditioner
    Verb: ghost shampoo Shampoo Verb
    Verb: ghost shampoo
    Verb: ghost prep Styling Verb
    Verb: ghost prep
    Verb: ghost oil Styling Verb
    Verb: ghost oil
    Verb: ghost mask Mask Verb
    Verb: ghost mask
    Verb: ghost hairspray Styling Verb
    Verb: ghost hairspray
    Verb: ghost dry oil - disco edition Styling Verb
    Verb: ghost dry oil - disco edition
    Verb: ghost dry oil Styling Verb
    Verb: ghost dry oil
    Sold Out
    Verb: ghost conditioner Shampoo Verb
    Verb: ghost conditioner
    Verb: forming fiber Styling Verb
    Verb: forming fiber
    Verb: dry shampoo - light Styling Verb
    Verb: dry shampoo - light
    Verb: dry shampoo - dark Styling Verb
    Verb: dry shampoo - dark
    Verb: curl shampoo Shampoo Verb
    Verb: curl shampoo
    Verb: curl leave-in conditioner Conditioner Verb
    Verb: curl leave-in conditioner
    Sold Out
    Verb: curl cream Styling Verb
    Verb: curl cream
    Verb: curl conditioner Conditioner Verb
    Verb: curl conditioner
    Verb: body wash Body Wash Verb
    Verb: body wash
    Verb: body lotion Lotion Verb
    Verb: body lotion
    Verb: Round Brush Tools Verb
    Verb: Round Brush
    Verb: Detangling Brush Tools Verb
    Verb: Detangling Brush
    Verb: Blow Dry Brush Tools Verb
    Verb: Blow Dry Brush

    real people, real products, real results.

    Verb bridges the gap between drug store and high-end hair care because who says good hair has to be out of reach.

    Run by a team of millennial women. Verb is easygoing, active and embraces a no nonsense lifestyle.

    No parabens. No gluten.
    No harmful sulfates.

    ghost collection

    moringa oil-infused

    real reviews:


    Struggled with oily, thin hair FOREVER, like my hair looks wet if I don’t wash it for 3+ days. So I decided to try ghost bc I’ve heard good reviews from others with a similar hair type; while I’m back to washing my hair everyday or every other day, I’m okay with it bc my hair feels clean and not greasy! Definitely loving it so far

    ghost shampoo

    No crunch, no frizz! After decades of trying :so many: products, I finally feel like I’ve found the one that allows my curls to be on their best behavior! I love that it is ONE product to minimize frizz and define curls. Without mixing various products every day, my hair is more predictable and consistent.

    curl cream

    Love, Love, Love. I love to use this once a week to keep my platinum blonde color from turning brassy. Guests who have used this while staying over love it as well, even the brunettes! Buying them the hair mask for Christmas.

    purple mask

    I live in Tucson AZ where they say "it's a dry heat". The summer sun sucks moisture from your hair and skin leaving one feeling dry like the desert. Verb hydrating conditioner helped put moisture back into my hair, and you have to try it to believe it. I love the summers in Tucson, and now with Verb my hair can love the summers too! 

    hydrating conditioner