Fueled by the knowledge and artistry from leading barbers, STMNT is a unique brand that goes beyond the product, this is a brand with purpose. A collective that respects people that have bold, authentic statements to make. People that stand up for what they believe in. This is a community that honors craftsmanship and strives to do better.

The pioneers of modern barbering.

The pioneers of modern barbering.

The STMNT mission is to do more than contribute; STMNT is looking to rewrite the standards of grooming. They respect people that have bold, authentic statements to make. They are creating a community of movers and shakers that influence our industry. People that stand up for what they believe in. Taking a truly collaborative approach, they shaped a brand that goes beyond product. A brand with purpose.


Creatives and innovators.

STMNT came together to craft each of their products from scratch. They put everything into this. Their inspiration, knowledge and Passion. STMNT pushed the boundaries and developed exceptional formulations. They tested them until they exceeded expectations. The result: three distinct styling collections, accompanied by a 5-piece care line.

STMNT imparted their identity into every aspect. Designing a brand that stands out. A brand to sign their names to.

This is our statement.

Creatives & innovators


STMNT care


Explore the versatile, 5-piece line up that's designed to create the perfect canvas for styling - whether you're in the salon, barbershop or at home.


All at the top of their game, the three founding creators have imparted their identity into every aspect of STMNT; including three distinctive, personal and high-performing styling collections that fit your lifestyle.

STMNT Styling


BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Açai Daily Smoothing Serum 8 Fl. Oz.

Powerful formula that removes any product build-up. Creates a clean canvas for any look.

BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Anti-Frizz Shampoo 12 Fl. Oz.

A solid choice for multipurpose cleansing. Contains a moisturizing formula with activated charcoal gently removes impurities

BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Anti-Frizz Conditioner 12 Fl. Oz.

A beard oil that softens and tames all beard types with natural moisturizing oils, free from silicones.